Bekal fort is the largest fort in north Kerala. Spreading over 40 acres (160,000 m2). An important features of this fort are the water-tank with its flight of steps, the tunnel opening towards the south, the magazine for keeping ammunition and the broad and wide steps leading to the Observation Tower which is a rarity. From there one has ample view of towns in the vicinity. This observation center had strategic significance in discovering even the smallest movements of the enemy and ascertaining safety of the Fort. The zigzag entrance and the trenches around the fort show the defense strategy inherent in the fort.

The Fort appears to have been built up from the sea since almost three fourth of its exteriors is drenched and the waves continually stroke the citadel. Arguably the fort was built exclusively for fulfilling defense requirements. The holes on the outer walls of the fort are specially designed to defend the fort effectively. The holes at top were meant for aiming at the farthest points; the holes below for striking when the enemy was nearer and the holes underneath facilitated attacking when the enemy was very near to the fort. This is a remarkable evidence of technology in defense strategy. Bekal Fort offers a superb view of the Arabian Sea from its tall observation towers, The fort is bordered by a splendid beach. Bekal fort is situated about 200 KM away from Calicut International Airport.